We saw the threshold on the Schumann resonance last week. A threshold to be threaded like a needle. A passage way to the new earth paradigm.

The energy at the top of the volcano in Maui gives off the same frequency as the beating of the human heart (Schumann Resonance at 7.8 cycles per second). Haleakala (meaning “House of the Sun” in Hawaiian) is a dormant shield volcano with one of the world’s largest volcanic craters. Haleakala’s energy is incredibly feminine and abundant. There is a heavenly comfort radiating from the earth’s heart chakra.

Maui is the heart chakra of the earth – that makes what is happening to Maui right now – a global happening. Because when a main artery of the heart gets blocked – we cannot say the heart is having a problem and the rest of the body is not affected.

The heart is a pump for life blood in our physical body and the heart chakra is an energetic center. A vortex of energy moving through our energetic body just as the blood moves through to feed oxygen and nutrients to the whole body, the heart chakra moves love through the whole chakra system. Love is called God by many. Or “God is love.” The heart houses the God or Divine essence within each being. And the spirit of the Divine can be recognized in the Hawaiian people.

In one of my favorite recent reads, God as Mother – I enjoyed the wisdom shared of the universe, before God – there was only love, pure love energy that yearned to love and it describes this first yearning love energy as the poet behind the Big Bang – in that moment the yin feminine energy of love filling the space of the universe twisted itself, using time time as a space holder, into form. In creating form it absorbed and in a way died into that form, exploding into the Big Bang of creation. This original Creatrix then formed or birthed the God or a trinity of beings known as God of this universe — a male yang energy as the story goes. And so many religions today start with this male God idea but when I read, God as Mother the feminine pre-God Creatrix resonated deeply within me. The Hawaiians call her Pele, as she dwells in the Hawaiian islands. That is her home, the heart center of earth where her love energy is aligned. Where she creates through her own destruction over and over, retelling the cosmic story of the origin of life. And from her creation comes perpetual life. The life forces on the island are abundant and green

50-60,000 people who visit Maui every day are like blood cells, moving through the heart collecting and carrying mana. They come depleted and leave replenished. We cannot deny them. They rely on this nourishment to sustain the whole body. Contrary to common belief – the visitors rely on Maui. Maui does not rely on them.

The small island that has two sides and four directions – like chambers. The traffic moves from north to south and west and back to east along the road to Hana before exiting north again. We could liken west maui, Lahaina, to the bottom left ventricle of a physical heart. Years ago the sea started eroding the road to and from the west side. And also the population of locals and visitors enlarged. A large bypass road was put in. Last week there was a firestorm on Maui and the main artery – the bypass road got blocked. Supply was cut off. A massive response was launched

Today that main artery is being reopened. And the important healing and recovery is possible. Not from outside intervention but from inside. Just like the body heals itself. Although outside support in the form of medicine or surgical operation is sometimes needed too.

When the two volcanos erupted like twins on the big island January this year – it was a significant spiritual event. The twin flames were an activation of masculine and feminine (yin/yang, Shakti/Shiva) energy. There is a known interplay between these two energies that is understood in the microcosm of some peoples lives as the twin flame journey. Currently we are in the timeline of the earth’s ascension and twinflame journey at the point where the feminine energy moves back down from the crown chakra into the heart chakra and calls in the masculine energy up from the root chakra. The fires in Mount Shasta over the recent years are related. Mount Shasta is also a chakra point of the earth. It is debated but likely, the crown chakra. And Australia with their massive fires in recent years, the root chakra.

World religions have metaphors for this time of earths ascension. As Shakti moves from the crown down into the heart, pulled by Shiva’s awaking. The Divine Masculine awakening that is happening now, to shift and come into balance with the Divine Feminine. Has drawn the feminine into the heart and she has come in fast, causing destruction – as she does. He is upon Maui now attracted by the feminine standing in her right place – and him like a hurricane at sea gathering force. It is important that the Divine feminine in each one of us begins to operate from a more feminine perspective. To help balance the masculine energy that has just been activated with all his wounds from a patriarchal and masculine old world paradigm. He must move into the new earth through this meeting in the heart – but he must be received in a way that protects the heart from a massive collision.

We have observed women in the old paradigm competing with men in business by trying to be a better man. This rarely works. She is wiser to be a better woman. There are many examples of this. I was fortunate enough to work a long time at one point in my career in an industry in business, where I saw women had broken through the glass ceiling, and my mentor there, affirmed for us that we could only succeed as women in business by standing firmly in our feminine. Supporting women to take time for childbirth without being penalized in their career. By standing in alignment with the gifts the feminine brings to the table. Not powering through. Not competing with the men but working in tandem from different perspectives. Receptive. Magnetically attracting and receiving energy instead of chasing it.

Women on maui, the fire sisters are gathering this week in circle. To prepare to receive this masculine energy in a balanced way. Not collide with it in a destructive way. To acknowledge his journey and his arrival in the new earth. Tourism must shut down on maui temporarily because there is about to be an alchemical marriage of the Divine feminine and masculine. The bride has already arrived. And the groom is enroute. The island of weddings is holding space for its own spiritual marriage. The Kumu and Kahunas are in place. The flower lei are being made for the memorial of the souls who have crossed into the pews to watch this massive energetic shift event from the heavens. This event will be at once a celebration of life and a wedding of the Divine feminine and masculine. The people are organizing. The Hawaiian elders have called for 10 days of prayers for protection. Everyone is finding their place. It’s a big event. An emotional event. There are guests attending both in heaven and on earth. The angels are present for it. And as we send ahead our gifts of love and gratitude for Maui in the form of donations, financial support and gift registry purchases, the world watches as the Hawaiian people call in the new paradigm.

The ceremony begins with the stars. The feminine returned to Maui as a fire hurricane on 8/8 Lions gate. The day the brightest star in our galaxy, Sirius and the Sun align with earth – lighting the way. Tomorrow is the new moon.

The Perseus meteor shower over last weekend began the masculine’s journey toward the alter. He is a meteor shower arriving in a water storm forming in the pacific now.

“Light workers have been called for years to Maui. This is the moment for that. As light workers our place is to surround and hold the Hawaiians. They speak. They pray. They call in their new way. How they rebuild. This is completely intertwined with all indigenous people who have had their land taken, their lives taken”

“Everything that’s happening is a chance to rewrite. History does not have to repeat itself. It’s all a representation. Hawaiians in the heart chakra of the planet will usher this in, the change, the new, when their power is restored.” – Words channeled by fire sister Danae 8/15/23

With this union, the new earth paradigm will be anchored.

“And round about the Throne were four and twenty seats, and upon the seats I saw four and twenty Elders sitting, clothed in white rayment, and they had on their heads crowns of gold.” Revelation 4:4

It is our roll as non-Hawaiian to remember our own lineages and the wisdom of the fire keepers. Fire that is currently devastating lands, out of control and unkept across North America, Amazon forests and now Hawaii.

December 2021 an event took place in the small community of Haiku on Maui that was a catalyst for a shift which brought together a group of women who have come to be known as the fire sisters. We meet every new and full moon in whole or in part since December 2021. You can read about it here.

This post was edited 8.17.2023 based on new insights that continue to download and unfold in our awareness in real-time as we navigate the energy in Maui in presently

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