I had the weirdest experience last week and it took me a few days to figure it out. I had an awareness that everyone around me – wasn’t real. Like I was in a video game and I was moving around with non-player characters in my environment. All programmed to behave like people but no soul. That’s the perception I had. Everyone I’ve interacted with in this city where I am, engaged only casually or on the surface. They lose interest and can’t go deeper if you try to connect with them beyond a shallow casual conversation. I also noticed they get really happy if you smile and make eye contact with them – they smile back. It was a very curious moment for me. And the downloads that followed reinforced that I was surrounded by “people” but actually felt all alone. I asked my daughter about this and she said she also had been having the same feeling. Like she felt alone despite being in a house full of people.

I researched a little and found the Delores Cannon theory of background people. Or back fill people. Like atmosphere people on a TV show. Not main characters, no speaking roll just there to fill in the background of the scene. And if by chance a character speaks to them and they get a small speaking roll – it bumps them up to actor level. Makes them eligible for admission to the screen actor’s guild.

Could this be true? Could a large amount of people on the planet be – not real? Soulless? I personally know some people that fit the bill. But what are the implications of holding such a perspective and why was I feeling it? Even Delores said she only got a small glimpse of this awareness and didn’t fully understand it.

So of course, as I do – I leaned in. I talked to other intuitive and psychic people. And I asked the question out loud. Because if you ask, the universe is hard pressed to answer. And it did.

I am a follower of the 7 Unitarian Universalist principles. I’ve even developed a children’s program curriculum to teach it to my own kids and as a Sunday School teacher. The first principle is – Each person is important. Each person has intrinsic value. I had to go back to my own core value and reconcile this new awareness with my own principles as a human.

What came of all my inquiry is that those I was perceiving as background people were newer souls than me. And as I am ascending into higher realms of consciousness as are everyone on the planet. The rates are not the same and so at times and in places where consciousness is progressing at a different rate or different starting point this disconnection or inability to relate on a soul level is more exaggerated and more perceptible.

It was super perceptible in the new city where I was and a weird awareness actually. Further inquiry showed me that many people on the planet right now are very new souls. Walking their first life as human. Perhaps having lived as a tree or plant in their past life. They are now happy to be human and fully embodying the program of being human. Heavily influenced by their cellular ancestral karma and trauma. Unable to peer through the veil of amnesia we cross through at birth. Old souls have a much easier time of it. And as there are many old souls on the planet now. Delores talks about the three waves of volunteers. The old souls who have come at this time, are here to help humanity cross into a new paradigm.

And so I became aware of what it feels like to be in a place with more new souls than old. And also in contrast to other places I have lived where there are more old than new.

Another psychic friend filled in a detail that relates back to the work of Dolores Cannon. She said to new souls – we don’t feel real. and to us they don’t.

I remember my spouse telling me when we were married, he worked on television shows and met many celebrities and vice presidents and other high frequency individuals. He always said they had a larger than life vibe. He could feel their presence. not all the celebrities. But a few of them he felt were not real or not the same as regular people on a soul level. They had a commanding presence. This was him experiencing someone of a much higher soul frequency than his. And he himself is a very old soul. Recently a man who channels St Germain spoke during a live channeling, of the people here on earth who are more than one Soul incarnated into a human persona. Historically it has happened and currently he said there are something between 15 and 20 on the planet. Jesus he said was a collaborative effort. Not just one soul but many souls in one person collaborating to seed a new consciousness on the planet.

This all made sense to me. And at the same time I have become aware that we are at the pivotal transition from an old epoch of humanity into a new one. Not just another empire like the fall of Rome but an entirely different epoch. As glaciers melt in the poles architectural structures buried for 20k years are showing up. Some of the pyramids of Egypt predate the rest. Including the sphinx. Relics from a much older paradigm that our current history of humanity includes. Mythologies of Atlantis and Lemuria that are so faint we barely count them as mythology. And a Bible to guide us for 1000s of years whose final chapter has finally come to bare. What’s next? A new earth? A new epoch of humanity?

And at the same time we are at a convergence. More old souls on the planet at once. More twin flames – both masculine and femine aspects of a soul incarnated at the same time and why? Why now? Astrologically we are told to expect a Renaissance. but of art? Like the last Renaissance? No, not like last time. When situations come back around. Trends. They come around a little differently than last time. Because conditions are different. People are different. Collective consciousness is different. This time it’s not artists but authors that are bringing the Renaissance. There are more spiritual books and written works in the form of video blogs and written essays than ever before. And old souls to write them. This will be a time that the future will look back on in history when many books of wisdom are written. Like the time of Jesus and Buddha and Mohammad all appearing in different parts of the globe with similar consciousness raising outcomes around the same time. Seeding ways of being that far outlived them. We are the authors of the current renaissance.

The new souls are working on becoming human. They will be the DNA of the future of humanity. Some of them will survive the cataclysmic shifts of the earth. Long after the old souls have left. The earth will still be. And the authored written words will survive too. They will be found, uncovered, recreated in the future. For the future generations of the next epoch. Maybe they will become a compilation of books like the Bible for the next epoch of humanity.

Rather than getting caught up in the next version of divisiveness. Rather than becoming the 3D vs 5D. We who walk both worlds have an opportunity to lift up the dense 3D consciousness while we are here. Those new souls cannot be expected to do what old souls can do and they also aren’t wrong. They are who they are. And as unreal as they may feel to us. We feel, maybe unreal in a way to them too. Making the unreal attainable and being inclusive is our work. Stepping out of our narcissism and into our purpose to help is why we are here.

And if you are an old soul who is parading around in the realms of the 3D acting as a new soul stuck in the program of the hologram. Stop it! Stop smoking the ganga. Stop drinking. Those things keep you in a dimension somewhere between. A middle ground that blocks the heights to which an old soul can reach. It does no one any good. It’s important for the new souls to be in the presence and interacting with old souls. It stretches their capacity to begin to see through the veil and rise above the human condition. For a new epoch that is more harmonious. Write a book. Who cares if it’s a best seller. In 1000 years it may be the thing that everyone is talking about. You’ll be that guy in heaven – grinning and winking at your soul family. Do that. Walk about the planet right now in full mastery of your old soul gifts. Don’t waste your time in the program of the hologram. You’re more than that. You’ve won this game of life before. Or lost and learned. Either way your experience is valuable now. Guide the guides. Way show the new. Find the hook to connect real with unreal. Sew the fabric of consciousness together one stitch at a time.

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