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A new awareness I’m having this week – we don’t actually store memory in our brains. Rather our brains access memories where they are stored. Somewhere out in the akashic. Sort of like when the photos on our phone are stored on the cloud. We access in real time where they are stored. And because everything is stored together in the akashic – we can access every thing there. We just have to know that path. Knowing the path is something our brain does without much conscious awareness from us. Like breathing it just happens. Until we get older and our brain function decreases. Or becomes intermittent like in the case of Alzheimer’s disease.

When we access memories in the ether or the akashic as it’s called – we are easily able to access the memories that we uploaded. Our brain knows the path of our own memories automatically. But accessing memories our mind has told us to forget, usually because they were traumatic – is a bit harder. And when that path is triggered, like something else close to the memory causes our brain to access it without consciously meaning to – it can be something like what we experience as a flash back or repressed memory returning to our consciousness. Giving our mind a new opportunity to direct how it’s filed in the akashic. Remembering it again so the path is known or suppressing it again to forget it. Like that unfinished project in the closet. That we might deal with or finish someday. But for now it’s buried.

Our mind takes direction from what is called the ego – the part of our personality that creates a dialogue that makes us right. It recognizes our fragility and creates a story that gives us a way to never be at fault. It blames or projects. This happens automatically. And it takes some level of consciousness that comes with maturity to rise above this reflex.

Because all memories are stored in the akashic one only needs to become adept at accessing the akashic in order to access all memories of all people who have ever walked the earth. There are many barriers to accessing others memories but it can be done. And it seems that at some point memories become part of the free domaine. If enough people have accessed them or had the shared experience and stored them – they become part of the collective consciousness which makes them more readily available to all.

That’s why when we access information that is true but not from our own lived experience we say we received a download. Or when we access information that we stored there in a past incarnation – something we knew before in a different personality – we say we “remember”. Or it feels like “remembering”. and I’m of the belief that we can more easily remember memories we stored in the akashic in past life times than those that other souls stored there. This becomes more of a phenomenon when we reach a conscious awareness level that is at the higher self or soul level (5D). Outside of our current incarnation’s reality (3D). When we have ascended even just a little bit.

This is why individuals who have had an awakening or who are on a path toward ascension – usually when something has broken them open. Ascension is not an easy process. Those individuals start to “remember” past lives. I have remembered about 5 now. First one and then years later 3 or 4 in rapid succession. usually I find there is a trigger. Like I’ll feel pain in my body and when I question what the pain is from – because it is not logical, no reason for it in this 3D lifetime. The question prompts a memory to come in. A memory of being burned at a stake in another time. Or of being stabbed or of being thrown from a tower. Or tortured. Are they my memories? Past life memories or just memories in the collective consciousness stored in the akashic? Some deeper spiritual work has caused me to believe they are past life memories. But all things in this space are possible.

When we are born we enter through a veil a veil of amnesia. A clear slate. Or so we think. Old souls have a much easier time remembering past lifetimes. Because the slate becomes harder and harder to wipe as we become more adept in each lifetime of tuning into our higher self consciousness. Like an old etch a sketch that doesn’t completely erase when you shake it. There are faint remnants of the last screen. The last lifetime full of experiences. We can more easily pick up and grab the links to the places where we’ve stored memories lifetime after lifetime for a millennia.

I work with people who are psychic often. Sometimes they are able to access my akashic by asking my spirit guides to show them. Gaining permission. For those who have this ability to see and communicate with spiritual beings that are unseen to our physical eyes – they have an advantage when it comes to “remembering” or receiving downloads from the akashic.

But truly we each are intuitive and we each have the capacity to build connections to the cloud. To ask our own guides. To remember and receive downloads. We can get downloads on future events too. Because truly it’s like we are from the future. And possibly all timelines are available to us now. Again it’s a function of our mind or our ego to keep us in this one timeline and reality, with amnesia of past lives.

When the mind is different, when we don’t forget at birth. When we can access all timelines at will. When we are not fully in our present timeline but are operating from our soul perspective. We can become labeled as multiple personality disordered or any number of different mental health diagnosis. It’s like a glitch in the matrix. And in modern times there is no shaman around usually who can understand and help bring awareness to what is actually happening. Sometimes medication may be employed for the person to forget – so that they may have an average human experience. Meanwhile all the average humans are working to ascend and access their intuition to heal and find their life purpose. Our future shamans are now largely medicated or institutionalized. Unable to receive the mystical guidance and training to lead us into higher consciousness.

What happens when we lose our ability to access the akashic? When our pineal gland becomes calcified. We become more fearful. Less connected. We rely on the auto pilot feature of our brain. And the programming of our society and family cultures.

And will we have any memories at all? If we cannot access the akashic.

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