Freedom though, I’ve decided is like pie. If someone eats the whole pie, others go without.

A Gardener of Weeds and Sower of Lies

In cards of destiny astrology I am a Jack of Diamonds and so is America. My microcosm is sometimes a reflection of America’s Macrocosm. This is an excerpt of that blog passage, it has meaning for me and for America in this time of presidential transition, I hope we are all getting ready to don our gardening gloves and get to work clearing out the flower beds of America:


It’s a force of nature. An undeniable and ever present law that cannot be manipulated. If you let go the Apple it falls to the ground. You can only choose not to let go. You cannot choose for it to float away. It’s a law of nature. Reliable. Consistent. Karma is like this. You can control...