Serious Grounding for Serious Lightworkers

If you are a spiritual person or healer this is an especially important message.  As we each reach higher in our quest for raising consciousness, increasing our vibration and aligning with our higher selves it is important for our health and abundance that we stay grounded.  Many healers that I know spend a considerable amount … Continue reading Serious Grounding for Serious Lightworkers

Top 100 Spiritual Blogs I'm proud to mention that we've made the top 100 Spiritual Blogs list on Feedspot! We're number 88. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read this blog and listen to The Free to be Authentic Podcast & Youtube Channel. This website is all about asking questions, seeking answers and leaning into … Continue reading Top 100 Spiritual Blogs

❤️ Maui

In Hawaiian lore Maui is a character that exemplifies the archtype of the joker. The joker archetype comes through many cultural lenses. In the Norse myths the joker is Loki. My daughter is learning the Norse myths this year - in Waldorf schools the 4th grader is developmentally thought to be in need of these … Continue reading ❤️ Maui