❤️ Maui

In Hawaiian lore Maui is a character that exemplifies the archtype of the joker. The joker archetype comes through many cultural lenses. In the Norse myths the joker is Loki. My daughter is learning the Norse myths this year - in Waldorf schools the 4th grader is developmentally thought to be in need of these … Continue reading ❤️ Maui


Forgiveness is the key to overcoming hate. Hate comes from feeling that someone has wronged you. That they are a threat to you. That they have taken or might take something from you. Hate is a strong emotion, it’s different than anger but similar. Hate is against another. Hate holds within it a sense of … Continue reading Forgiveness

My Strange Relationship with the Planet Mercury

Mercury and I are not on speaking terms, I'm going to tell you everything I know. When I began working at the Waldorf school I frequently found myself surrounded by many adults wearing the same color - then I learned they DID all get the memo that morning.  Steiner prescribed that teachers should wear certain … Continue reading My Strange Relationship with the Planet Mercury

Earth Star Chakra Activation

Clarity Love Compassion We find these three words throughout sacred texts and works of wisdom from all paths throughout time and across the globe.    Sometimes it is referred to as “hands, heart and mind”, “truth, beauty and goodness” or “thinking, feeling, and willing” and sometimes, simply as “three folding”.  It is all the same.  These … Continue reading Earth Star Chakra Activation