The Life We Planned Before We Were Born

When I put someones birth day, time and place into the software that calculates their birthchart what comes out is a map of the sky with the sun, moon, planets and lesser heavinly bodies all mapped out from a center point.

Parenting through Privilege and Prejudice

Growing up in Los Angeles I was always aware that prejudice existed. I can remember as young as 5 years old hearing my older white father debating the cons of interracial marriage with my adult sister and my adult sister resisting the notion that there was anything wrong with inter racial marriage. I also remember … Continue reading Parenting through Privilege and Prejudice

Love Handles

I was watching a reality TV show during this pandemic and noticing how different people travel with matching or mix matched luggage. Some travel heavy and others lite. As I’ve been watching other people’s lives on reality TV through this pandemic I’ve also been faced with my own behemoth project of packing to move to … Continue reading Love Handles

A Page from My Homeschool Book

I feel for all the parents who didn't have this plan and didn't have the time to research homeschooling and are now because of a global pandemic, thrown into a version of homeschooling they didn't choose, created by teachers who also didn't have time to plan and research and who may not philosophically believe in homeschooling.