Driftwood, Salmon or Merperson?

Photo by Neemias Seara on Everything is connected. When we understand that we are not individuals standing on a dry land separate from each other but more like droplets of water in the sea, we realize that every action has an opposite but equal reaction. Every swing of the pendulum has a counter swing. … Continue reading Driftwood, Salmon or Merperson?

Love Handles

I was watching a reality TV show during this pandemic and noticing how different people travel with matching or mix matched luggage. Some travel heavy and others lite. As I’ve been watching other people’s lives on reality TV through this pandemic I’ve also been faced with my own behemoth project of packing to move to … Continue reading Love Handles

A Page from My Homeschool Book

I feel for all the parents who didn't have this plan and didn't have the time to research homeschooling and are now because of a global pandemic, thrown into a version of homeschooling they didn't choose, created by teachers who also didn't have time to plan and research and who may not philosophically believe in homeschooling.

Why Are We Here? (The Big Questions)

Photo by Pixabay on The first thing we’re told upon arrival to this mysterious place, after a few years of training on how to operate our body (sleep training, potty training, behavior modeling, communication with language, eating with a spoon, etc) is that, “no one is perfect.” Ever wonder why people say that? Live … Continue reading Why Are We Here? (The Big Questions)