Aliens Among Us

Many movies have tried to prepare us for the idea that Aliens exist. That there are multi planetary beings who visit and likely inhabit earth. And it’s working. Aliens are mainstream. We are more open to the idea now than ever. Let’s go back in time. Before Aliens we’re mainstream. What would the President of … Continue reading Aliens Among Us

Energy Immune System

At first I thought the headaches we’re hormone imbalance related. And it’s true that hormone shifts were happening and triggering the headache but now I realize the idea of a headache being “triggered” is all wrong. It’s more like my energy shield becomes weakened under certain conditions and that makes me more sensitive to energy that I perceive as a headache. My weakened energy shield makes me vulnerable or sensitive to energy and I feel negative energy as a painful headache. My daughter feels negative energy as confusion. We’re all different and understanding how we perceive and are able (or un able) to channel through the energy is important to pay attention to.

Cheat Codes for the Universe

I love how the younger generation is redefining everything from their tech perspective. Growing up with video games and mobile devices has colored their perspective and given us a new way to relate and understand the spiritual realm. Cheat codes, common in video game circles are now available for the universe - life. Adulting. Made … Continue reading Cheat Codes for the Universe

Happy Mother’s Day, Mother Nature

Mother’s Day is an interesting situation. A day dedicated to gratitude for our mother. If we also happen to be a mother then we may find ourselves both on the giving and receiving end of Mother’s Day acknowledgments. As a young mother I remember being extremely challenged by this tradition. I had my own child … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day, Mother Nature

Covid-19 Vaccine, or Not?

I’m not anti-vaccine but like antibiotics I think we should reserve their use to very limited situations - where they are really needed. And here we are in one of those really limited situations with a global pandemic and a deadly pathogen that may have lasting effects. This is the one time that I think we should all consider a vaccine. I might also consider a vaccine if I was traveling to a country where it was recommended for a very specific risk.