My Indigenous Roots, White in America

I’ve struggled to understand a feeling I’ve had for some time now. Its hard to explain. And I’ve been carrying it for a long while - only now do I feel somewhat capable of communicating this feeling. It started in elementary school when I had a hard time finding my place. I would befriend the … Continue reading My Indigenous Roots, White in America

The Sekhmet, Bastet, Hathor Trinity

The holy trinity is a common debate amongst Christian religious sects. Is Jesus God or separate? Are God the father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit all separate aspects of the one God? This argument has realigned believers into various break out congregations each taking up their own belief in what is true on the matter … Continue reading The Sekhmet, Bastet, Hathor Trinity

Ghislaine Magdalene

Many Magdalenes mine into the underworld to tap into the vast resources that can be found there. To carry the light into the he darkness. To witness the unseen. And while there she will find the Empire resources - that karmically belong to her for her past sacrifices. And if she remembers who she is - she will bring those resources to the surface to support freedom, goodness and beauty.

Pedagogical Stories

With our children we sometimes use stories that mirror energetically a situation they are experiencing in order for them to process what is happening and find their own inner strength to face the situation without getting direct information that may be too freightening, personal or detailed for their developmental age. As adults we learn to … Continue reading Pedagogical Stories


If energy healers were a band… American Heritage Dictionary defines Alchemy as, al•che•my ăl′kə-mē► n.A medieval chemical philosophy having as its asserted aims the transmutation of base metals into gold, the discovery of the panacea, and the preparation of the elixir of longevity.n.A seemingly magical power or process of transmuting.n.Medieval chemistry; the doctrines and processes of … Continue reading Alchemy