Once a company is launched, it becomes something. It is born.  The being of an organization grows, ages and evolves as its own living thing.  Sometimes organizations thrive.  And sometimes they get energy blocks.

Jen has the intuitive ability to tune in to the being of places and organizations.  To understand these beings at their energetic level requires careful observation of patterns and behaviors that have developed in response to the underlying energy flow and it requires intense meditation.

Jen has honed a dyad style of meditation where she asks the place or being to reveal itself.  Once the picture is received Jen will be able to describe the organization, clear blocks and communicate what the organization wants and needs to be healthy and vibrant.

Travel and local accommodations TBD

16 hours of research and interviews – $1600

8 to 16 hours of meditation -$800

A verbal report and written documentation of the organization – $300

A plan for removing blocks  – Included

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