Awakening is different for everyone.  Some awaken slowly but others may be seekers for years when something jolts them awake.  When this happens there can be a lot of information that has been sitting on the crown chakra that suddenly downloads, sometimes over a period of days.  It can feel like a gateway opens, a missing piece of the puzzle is received and the whole picture quickly comes into focus.  A sudden awakening can be overwhelming and a lot to process.

If you’ve recently experienced a sudden awakening, I hope it comforts you to know that there are many persons on the earth today who have taken the journey ahead of you and who have one foot in the spiritual world and one in the earthly realm.  They are called many things (mystics, light workers, shamans, yogis) and they are here in the flesh as your spiritual guides in this earthly material world.

Jen is an attuned Reiki Master and telepath who is available to talk you through your experience or provide gentle guidance and direction as you take your first steps  into your new awakened life.  If you are in the greater Los Angeles area she can meet with you in person.  Phone consultations are also available.  Contact Jen