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Using astrology, numerology and a system for identifying blocked chakras, Jen develops a bigger picture of the past life, karmic and energetic streams that are influencing you or your child’s potential for achievement and life fulfillment.  This mapping of influences is a guide to understanding the deeper energy patterns that are affecting our lives.  With this knowledge we can work with the streams of life rather than against and we can make choices to overcome negative patterns.

Jen can also help couples to astrologically select the best date and time for a wedding to optimize martial bliss, financial stability and fertility if children are desired.

Jen and her network of healers, holistic practitioners, nutritionists and energy workers can help families who seek answers when traditional methods have failed or are not in alignment with a family’s values.

  • Initial consultation and information gathering with individual or parent  $30 (FREE with purchase of  energy patterns report and coaching session)
  • Adult or child energy patterns report  $150
  • Individual or Parent guidance, report review and referrals to healing practitioners if needed (children over 14 years old may be present for their own report) $50

All Inclusive $200

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