12 Week Astrology Course

A 12 week live video course where we will dive deep into each zodiac sign, the houses, the planets as well as gain a general understanding of the components of an astrological birth chart. You will come away from this class with a basic understanding of astrology, your own birth chart and lots of tools and resources for further self learning. We start on the new moon April 19, 2023. The price is $44 per class (pay as you go is available). On-going monthly live access and recordings are included. Become an Enlightenment Chaser to receive a 15% discount code


Monthly Astrology Live Discussion

Every month (first Friday) 9:00 Hawaii time, 12:00 PST/3:00 EST, I offer a live discussion (1 hour) where I share current astrological insights and host Q&A. This live event is free for anyone who has completed my 12 week astrology course. Drop-ins who have not taken the course may also join the monthly live by paying through the link here or by subscribing to the Enlightenment Chaser Tier ($22 month) If you are dropping-in, please provide your email address in the payment notes and you will receive the live video link to join the discussion or watch the recording.