Wisdom and Modern Mystics Jen Loves:

Jen highly recommends  Belinda Davidson‘s new book, From Light to Dark as a way of understanding what it can be like to be a sensative or empathic child.  Belinda also offers chakra balancing and clearing meditations.

Jen also recommends this blog as  a very helpful tool to understanding how being an empath is different, it can help both empaths and parents of empaths to understand their world, Empath traits.

If you’ve ever wondered what the energy is behind a recent illness or even a health crisis this website will point you in the right direction for healing contemplation and meditation,  ourspiritualnutrition.com

To better understand the energy behind relationships, places and stuff, Jen recommends  Denise Linn’s book, Energy Strands.  Check out chapter 4, Jen especially loves the list of essential oils Denise recommends for protecting your energy field and keeping your space energetically uplifting.

Ready to take your spiritual consciousness to the next level, Eckhart Tolle‘s books, The Power of Now and A New Earth are enlightening.

Both Jen and Oprah Winfrey credit Gary Zukav‘s book, The Seat of the Soul with a profound spiritual awakening.  Try it!

Jen likes to read the articles put forward by this enlightened physician and she highly recommends “earthing” as a very grounding and healing practice for adults and children.  You can read about it here, Intuition-physician.com

Mindful Workplace Updates and Studies:

Jen is currently reading (and loving) Tyla and Douglas Gabriel’s three volume Gospel of Sophia.  The first volume will be of interest to anyone who has a desire to know the Great Goddess and especially Pele.  If you’ve had an awakening experience and have already read out the Spiritual section of Amazon, this is a work of deep wisdom that just might seep into your soul in a way that will carry you forward toward enlightenment.  Volume two is a must read for Spiritual Practitioners and healers, and three is a very practical read for anyone who has had an experience of light beaming through them and out to the universe that brings to mind an overwhelming knowing of Christ Consciousness. What Steiner calls the Demascus Event, in honor of the biblical account of the enlightment of St. Paul.  As a pre-requisite Jen highly recommends Victoria Jennings, Mother as God.