Jen meets with clients on Maui, at her home office space in Haiku.  She is also available anywhere in the world by phone or Zoom.  

Jen’s super power is holding space with unconditional love. Jen aligns with the soul’s perspective, which creates room to unpack the stories that filter our reality. Whether you seek clarity on your path toward the life you were meant to live or just the first next step to a more fulfilling lifestyle. Nothing is off the table; career, relationships, parenting, awakening, manifesting or finding your dharma/life’s purpose. The answer is waiting for you to seek it and Jen can help you find the way like a guide standing steady in the night with a lantern, illuminating and holding space without judgement as you find the path your soul wants you to take.

What you can expect the first month: 

FIRST Session (1.5 hours 1:1)

  • Together we complete a Well Being Inventory
  • Together we co-create a plan for next steps to ensure a feeling of safety and optimism about our journey together

Week ONE

  • Jen illuminates the available Life Path Clues (archetypes, she draws up an astrological birth chart, reviews key relationship synastry charts, birth and name life path numerology and reads your cards of destiny)
  • Jen begins an inquiry into specific soul plans that may be a part of your soul’s journey in this lifetime (Example: Twin Flame, Karmic Relationships, Past Life Trauma) 

Week TWO & Beyond

  • 1:1 daily sounding board check-ins as needed (Vox App support) and a weekly co-creating session
  • Jen helps re-frame stories that do not serve
  • We unpack feelings of fear, anger, resentment and anxiety as they arise, to restore feelings of love, compassion and clarity
  • Jen provides concierge referrals to healers and other support to minimize the need for plant medicine, medication, drugs and other influential substances
  • We identify triggers, blocks and wounds to be healed and Jen provides gentle self-work guidance without the need to re-live trauma
  • Regular homework and curated experiences to foster your deep knowing, remembering who you are and re-connection to the body, the heart, nature and community.  We tap into the reverence and sacredness of our being that has been lost to current societal norms.  

End of FIRST Month and/or Milestone

  • We reflect on the tools and practices we have brought in, identifying what is resonating and what needs to be re-aligned. 
  • We spend some time creating meaningful ceremony as you take back your power and cross thresholds into the next chapters of life; whether the journey has been subtle or profound every learned lesson and opportunity for growth is seen, acknowledged and celebrated. In person ceremonies are hosted on facilitated on Maui.
"My reading with Jen was amazing. She brought such a kind, soothing, caring energy to the reading and I felt at ease from the beginning; having studied astrology for many years she is incredibly knowledgeable. Everything she said was spot on and applied to what was going on in my life at the time. She went over time with me and did several different types of readings which gave me a full understanding. I will definitely be back to have a full astrology reading with her in the future! My experience with Jen was amazing and I would highly recommend her. "  - Devon

Please call or text Jen directly to make an appointment at 818.497.8600 or click the payment menu below to pay for the service you would like. Please include your name and contact information with your payment so Jen can reach out to schedule your next session.

Wellness Warrior Package (1 month)

12 weeks with Jen as your personal way-shower. All membership tiers receive a 15% discount (membership not required)


Abundance Manufacturer Package (3 months)

12 weeks with Jen as your personal way-shower. All membership tiers receive a 15% discount (membership not required).


Enlightenment Chaser Package (6 months)

24 weeks with Jen as your personal way-shower. All membership tiers receive a 15% discount (membership not required), packages may be continued after 6 months on a month to month basis.


Past Life Investigation

Jen coordinates a past life investigation to find your last incarnation. Working with psychics and researching details through historic and ancestral records Jen finds possible matches based on astrological alignment with your current birth data and confirms the findings with your spirit guides in a session with a psychic. Jen has been successful finding several of her own past life incarnation as well as her oldest daughter’s incarnation and helping others find their past life (name, vital records and occupation) – from experience she can attest that this work is powerful and enlightening. Past life patterns are often repeated and connected to current life events and karma – becoming past life aware can be very empowering.


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