Jen meets with clients on Maui, at her retreat space in Haiku.  She is also available anywhere in the world by phone or Zoom.  

Let Jen be your way-shower.  Whether you seek guidance on your path toward career, relationships, parenting, awakening, manifesting or finding your dharma/life’s purpose.  The answer is in the cosmos waiting for you to seek it.  

"My reading with Jen was amazing. She brought such a kind, soothing, caring energy to the reading and I felt at ease from the beginning; having studied astrology for many years she is incredibly knowledgeable. Everything she said was spot on and applied to what was going on in my life at the time. She went over time with me and did several different types of readings which gave me a full understanding. I will definitely be back to have a full astrology reading with her in the future! My experience with Jen was amazing and I would highly recommend her. "  - Devon

You can call or text Jen directly to make an appointment at 818.497.8600 and arrange payment or click the payment menu below to pay for the service you would like.      Please include your name and contact information with your payment so Jen can reach out to collect the information she will need to prepare for your reading/report.  Jen provides a written report and/or allows recording of each session.  

Astrology Birth Chart Calculation and Reading (1 hour)

Jen calculates and combines Life Path numberolgy, Astrology Natal Birth Chart and Cards of Destiny into a 60 minute reading of the life you planned before you were born. This is a good first service. You will receive a copy of your western birth chart with notes of key aspects including sun, rising, moon signs and noteworthy distinctions and themes in your chart. You will also receive a cards of destiny reading including your year card and and karma cards. We will talk about your oracle card and your life path numbers based on your birth date and name expressions.


Electional Astrology (information emailed)

Identify the best possible wedding date using astrology. The day and time you are married essentially establishes the birth date of your future relationship. It’s import to ensure that your relationship has the best possible chance for success by choosing the best cosmic date for your wedding. Note: If you are already married and wish to receive a marriage chart and reading, book for birth chart.


Locational Astrology (40 minutes)

We can look into the astrology of different locations and their impact on your birth chart. This is valuable work when considering a relocation and the impact it could have on you or your family. We look at the place of birth, where you grew up, current location and up to two prospective locations. Additional locations may be purchased at the coaching session rate. (example: 3 prospective locations is $200 + 60)


Past Life Investigation

Jen coordinates a past life investigation to find your last incarnation. Working with psychics and researching details through historic and ancestral records Jen finds possible matches based on astrological alignment with your current birth data and confirms the findings with your spirit guides in a session with a psychic. Jen has been successful finding her own past life incarnation as well as her oldest daughter’s incarnation – from experience she can attest that this work is powerful and enlightening. Past life patterns are often repeated and connected to current life events and karma – becoming past life aware can be very empowering.


Astrology Birth Chart Calculation & Reading – On the Free To Be Authentic Podcast

Be a guest on The Free to be Authentic Podcast. Everything included above in a 1 hour calculation and reading – offered as a podcast guest at a discounted rate.


20 Minute Coaching Session

Help navigating the energetic streams of life, decisions and circumstances with your own personal way-shower. In person on the island of Maui or by zoom. This is a good service to book to dive deeper into areas, to look at other family members, career and/or relationship complexities.


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