My own children have taught me that astrology is not just for adults. They love learning about themselves, their friends, the symbolism and metaphors behind the story of the stars in the night sky on the day they were born. This curriculum is dedicated to Skyler, Willow & Hazel and their love and curiousity. This program is great for homeschoolers, sunday school classes, birthday parties, play dates and summer camps.

Private Party (2 to 15 kids)

This is a distance learning, online format for children age 7 to 14. There are 12 signs to choose from, we cover one sign in a 1 1/2 hour class. The price is per class for private parties.


Kids Classes on Maui

This is an in person class at Hale O Kauka Healing Garden on the island of Maui. This class occurs on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am local time and is re-occuring. We will announce dates for these 12 consecutive Sunday classes based on interest. Please call us to get on the wait list. The price is per student per week. Visitors to Maui are also welcome to join the class for one or multiple Sundays.


Children’s Curriculum for Teachers

If you would like to lead your own class we’re happy to share our curriculum and co-brand it with your name and logo. The full curriculum includes 12 modules (a class for each sign of the zodiac) including activities to keep children engaged. It is in a presentation format that can also be used with online platforms. The curriculum was designed with the Waldorf Education method of teaching in mind and is very experiential and creative. Purchase of the curriculum allows the purchaser to use and share the curriculum in private classes and online formats. The curriculum may not be given or re-sold to other teachers without permission from Jen Quintana.