My Indigenous Roots, White in America

To the extent that reclaiming our indigenous roots would be healing - and by healing our own cultural wound, conscious or not we could become more accepting and more tolerant and more kind toward others who reflect to us our un-wholeness like a mirror, I think it’s important. Do we have to give up Christianity? No. Just as Catholics in South America haven’t given up their indigenous and cultural roots. Or Hawaiians who attend western style churches haven’t fully given up theirs. There has to be a way to reclaim our white indigenous roots and still be Christian, if that is important to us. What if being Christian didn’t have to require uprooting our connection to our ancestors and nature?

Covid-19 Vaccine, or Not?

I’m not anti-vaccine but like antibiotics I think we should reserve their use to very limited situations - where they are really needed. And here we are in one of those really limited situations with a global pandemic and a deadly pathogen that may have lasting effects. This is the one time that I think we should all consider a vaccine. I might also consider a vaccine if I was traveling to a country where it was recommended for a very specific risk.