A Gardener of Weeds and Sower of Lies

In cards of destiny astrology I am a Jack of Diamonds and so is America. My microcosm is sometimes a reflection of America’s Macrocosm. This is an excerpt of that blog passage, it has meaning for me and for America in this time of presidential transition, I hope we are all getting ready to don our gardening gloves and get to work clearing out the flower beds of America:

Patterns, they exist in nature and past lives

I experienced a past life healing today.  When life gets crazy I tend to check in with one of my psychic friends.  Psychics are just powerfully intuitive people who have learned to tune-in to their clairvoyant or clairaudient abilities in order to share messages from the spiritual realm with those of us who reside more … Continue reading Patterns, they exist in nature and past lives