Magenta Pixie and the False Profits

Recently I’ve been turned on to the teachings of a woman in the U.K. who presents herself as a channel and psychic. She goes by the name Magenta Pixie.


It’s a force of nature. An undeniable and ever present law that cannot be manipulated. If you let go the Apple it falls to the ground. You can only choose not to let go. You cannot choose for it to float away. It’s a law of nature. Reliable. Consistent. Karma is like this. You can control...

Would you have hidden Ann Frank in your attic?

Fear and greed, these are the roots of oppression, racism, hatred. They are the opposite of love and compassion. There is an un-healthy fear in this world that most people have. It is a fear that perpetuates fear. The scenarios and stories that fuel our fears are caused by fear itself. Fear is always a … Continue reading Would you have hidden Ann Frank in your attic?