Covid-19 Vaccine, or Not?

I’m not anti-vaccine but like antibiotics I think we should reserve their use to very limited situations - where they are really needed. And here we are in one of those really limited situations with a global pandemic and a deadly pathogen that may have lasting effects. This is the one time that I think we should all consider a vaccine. I might also consider a vaccine if I was traveling to a country where it was recommended for a very specific risk.

Patterns, they exist in nature and past lives

I experienced a past life healing today.  When life gets crazy I tend to check in with one of my psychic friends.  Psychics are just powerfully intuitive people who have learned to tune-in to their clairvoyant or clairaudient abilities in order to share messages from the spiritual realm with those of us who reside more … Continue reading Patterns, they exist in nature and past lives