Outting Religious Brainwashing as Grooming for the Narcissist and Co-dependent Blue Print

Many in the church go about life never knowing consciously of the child abuse and grooming that is happening. They only get the cultural immersion of brainwashing in a field of consciousness where all these goings on are going on. Behind walls and in secret to some degree. Intuitively knowing and yet consciously in denial. Perpetrators themselves of a religious culture that reinforces a distorted blueprint from another paradigm.

Unpacking Guilt and Shame

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com https://youtube.com/shorts/5dNP0h8GxZs?feature=share 396hz solfeggio frequency - to release guilt Some baggage is like a suitcase but guilt is more like a large and very heavy trunk. With extra locks on the outside. It’s hard to find the different keys to open. And the thought of unpacking something so large is, … Continue reading Unpacking Guilt and Shame

Twin (flame) Soul – Sunday Talk

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3D and 5D what’s the ascension talk all about?

So you’ve probably heard some talk about 3D or the Matrix. And ascension into 5D. I think it’s important to define these terms that are becoming more and more common in spiritual circles. Also to clarify the ambiguities. 3D is short for the 3rd dimension. The reality we all live in on earth where thoughts … Continue reading 3D and 5D what’s the ascension talk all about?