Remembering, Collective Consciousness and Downloads

That’s why when we access information that is true but not from our own lived experience we say we received a download. Or when we access information that we stored there in a past incarnation - something we knew before in a different personality - we say we “remember”. Or it feels like “remembering”. and I’m of the belief that we can more easily remember memories we stored in the akashic in past life times than those that other souls stored there. This becomes more of a phenomenon when we reach a conscious awareness level that is at the higher self or soul level (5D).

Unpacking Guilt and Shame

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on 396hz solfeggio frequency - to release guilt Some baggage is like a suitcase but guilt is more like a large and very heavy trunk. With extra locks on the outside. It’s hard to find the different keys to open. And the thought of unpacking something so large is, … Continue reading Unpacking Guilt and Shame

Twin (flame) Soul – Sunday Talk

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There is a Time for Everything Under the Sun

And this is the time for pivot. All the planets. ALL of the planets are retrograde this month. A rare event that comes maybe once or twice every 100 years when from the earth’s perspective all of the planets in our solar system appear to be moving backwards. We’re used to experiencing this one or … Continue reading There is a Time for Everything Under the Sun