Jen uses Essential Oils in her home and at her retreat space, Hale O Kauka Healing Garden. Essential oil has become a must have for her space, personal self care and her children’s well being.

Young Living is not the only high grade oil (1st distilled) available however their commitment to quality and amazing oil blends keep us loyal to their brand.

We regularly diffuse:

  • Abundance Oil (in the living room)
  • Geranium and Lemongrass (between classes in the pottery studio and in the meditation space)
  • Purification Oil (I like to add extra lemongrass to this blend, especially in the kitchen diffuser and in the steam mop)
  • Thieves Blend Oil spray (as a hand sanitizer while traveling in airports and in any musty closets – especially powerful for tackling humid spaces on Maui)
  • White Angelica (as an aura protector applied to the skin, it also helps promote sleep for children)

As a family with energy sensitivity and empathic tendencies we also roll essential oil blends, make room sprays and add oils to our bath.

This is the recipe we use daily for clearing and protection to keep our energy positive, my kids love to roll it on their wrists and forehead when we are out in crowds to keep them from getting “peopled”:

Clearing a Protection Roller:

  • Geranium 7 drops
  • Clary Sage 6 drops
  • Roman Camomile 5 drops
  • Rosemary 6 drops
  • Basil 6 drops
  • Neroli 6 drops
  • Jasmine 7 drops
  • White Angelica 2 drops
  • Palo Santo 2 drops

Finish off the roller with jojoba oil (available at Trader Joe’s), argon oil or in warmer climates coconut or kukui nut oil. This recipe can also be diffused by putting the essential oils directly into your diffuser with water or in a spray bottle with water to spritz around a room.

Custom Astrological Essential Oil Blend

Jen develops custom roller and diffuser blends based on your astrological birth chart – these blends help attune one to their highest self and intended life path. Price includes a 10 ml. roller and local Maui tax. Shipping is not included – please add $7.70 if you need your item to be shipped (anywhere in the U.S.)


Road to Hana EO Blend (3)

The Road to Hana Essential Oil Roller

The road to Hana comes with lots of spiritual energy and the energy of many people making the same pilgrimage. We’ve developed this blend specifically with the Road to Hana in mind. Its clearing, protecting and moves out any stagnant energy to restore vitality. Pick up at Hale O Kauka Healing Garden as you approach the road to Hana – just a 10 minute detour in Haiku. Price includes 10ml roller and local Maui tax. Shipping is not available for this product. Let us know what day you will be traveling to Hana when you order.