Designing her own fearless and authentic lifestyle, Jen is a spiritual seeker and host of the Free to be Authentic Podcast & Youtube Channels, author of the Modern Mystical Mamma Blog and founder of Hale O Kauka Healing Garden on the island of Maui.

Jen experiences the world as energetic streams and offers herself in service to anyone who needs help identifying and understanding those energetic streams in order to navigate their own life and goals.  She draws intuitive messages from reading astrological birth charts and numerology patterns.  If you would like Jen’s perspective and insight on a particular situation, she books time in 20 minute increments to meet in person or by phone or video chat. 

Jen’s latest projects include working on her micro farm at Hale O Kauka Healing Garden.  Producing Avocado Leaf Tea for its health benefits, hosting Signature Retreats on Maui and developing a small pottery studio business.  She is also writing a book about a past life.  She recently relocated her family from Los Angeles to Maui – achieving the goal of her ultimate lifestyle design challenge. 

Jen is a Reiki Master. She studies Astrology, Numerology, Feng Shui, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Christian Mysticism, Rudolph Steiner’s philosophy, a Course in Miracles and other wisdom teachings in her relentless quest to understand questions of existence, God and why we are here.  She believes truth can be found in all traditions.  She practices Hatha Yoga and a dyad style of meditation that she has developed through her participation in several Enlightenment Intensive Retreats.  She is Reverend in the Universal Life Church which allows her to conduct marriage and other right of passage ceremonies. 

She encourages the empowerment of people to overcome limiting beliefs and fear – to live their life authentically.  She has been a champion for childhood, women’s empowerment and environmental causes.  She has served as President of the YWCA of North Orange County, Board member of the YWCA of the Western Region, and currently as Board member of the Waldorf Institute of Southern California .   She has worked as Admissions Director in two Southern California Waldorf Schools where she bravely began dialogue around equity and inclusion that culminated in the first equity and inclusion statement at Pasadena Waldorf School.  Jen has served as a Sunday School Teacher and leader in two Unitarian Universalist’ Congregations where she developed curriculum and created a warm and welcoming community for children, encouraging them to live the seven Unitarian Universalist principles that promote free thinking, fairness, spiritual inclusivity and stewardship of our earth.  Jen has facilitated conversations around raising anti-racisit children and age-appropriate curriculum.   

She has 20 years experience consulting employer groups on their health benefit plans where she designed and implemented complex plans for Fortune 500 clients including conducting audits,  negotiating rates, facilitating contract negotiations with corporate lawyers and managing multiple vendors and complex implementations.  She holds an industry recognized designation as Disability Benefits Specialist and a Life and Health Benefits License in multiple states.  She continues to work in this capacity occasionally on special projects as requested. 

Jen was born into a Jehovah’s Witness family, she studied the bible in the Ministry School of the sect for 12 years.  At age 22 with her infant son, she left the sect, it’s fear-based dogma, and a marriage.  Following her own dharma, she spent the next 22 years finding her way home to an authentic life on her own terms.  

She has an adult son and two younger daughters with her current husband, she began homeschooling in 2019.  

Jen is always seeking and living authentically!

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