Designing her own fearless and authentic lifestyle, Jen is a spiritual seeker, meditation guide, host of the Free to be Authentic Podcast & Youtube Channel, author of the Modern Mystical Mamma Blog and founder of Hale O Kauka Healing Garden on the island of Maui.

She encourages the empowerment of people to overcome limiting beliefs and fear – to live their life authentically.  She is a champion for childhood, women’s empowerment and equality.  She has served as President of the YWCA of North Orange County, Board member of the Waldorf Institute of Southern California and Administrator in two Waldorf Schools.  Jen is a Sunday School Teacher who has taught in two Unitarian Universalist’ Congregations where she creates a warm and welcoming community for children and encourages them to live the seven Unitarian Universalist principles that promote free thinking, fairness, spiritual inclusivity and stewardship of our earth.

Jen was born into a Jehovah’s Witness family, she studied the bible in the Ministry School of the sect for 12 years.  At age 22 with her infant son, she left the sect, it’s fear-based dogma, and a marriage.

Following her own dharma, she spent the next 27 years finding her way home to an authentic life on her own terms.  Jen is a Reiki Master. She studies Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Christian Mysticism, A Course in Miracles and other ancient wisdom teachings in her relentless quest to understand questions of existence, God and why we are here.  She believes truth can be found in all traditions. She practices Hatha Yoga and a dyad style of meditation that she has developed through her participation in several Enlightenment Intensive Retreats.  She believes Enlightenment is everyone’s ultimate goal whether we are conscious of it in our current existence or not.  Jen is a Modern Mystical Mamma who blogs about her spiritual journey.  She encourages all to be Spiritual Seekers at any age and starting where they are.  Jen offers herself in service to fellow seekers as an advocate for awakening, guide and navigator of the planetary, energetic and unseen streams that connect us all and affect our perceptions and reality.

Jen’s latest projects include hosting Micro Retreats in Los Angeles, Signature Retreats on Maui and offering Workplace Meditation Classes to employer groups.  She is also writing a book about overcoming fear, developing a novel based on the life of a past incarnation and manifesting her dream home and retreat space on the island of Maui – the goal of her ultimate lifestyle design challenge.  She continues to work remotely as a health benefits consultant and has started her homeschooling journey with her two young daughters this school year. Jen is always seeking and living authentically!

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