I’ve long held a vision of myself creating a space where people can come, heal, sip tea, touch a crystal and meditate or contemplate whatever arises for them in consciousness.  A place with a spiritual library where books are available to read or borrow and where tattered pages may be stained with the occasional splash of tea – and that is OK, the value of the book is not diminished.  A place with a garden where one can walk and seek inspiration.  In my imagination, I lovingly called this place Casa de Namaste

This magical tea and crystal shop without walls would be full of spiritual energy from deep inside the earth where the weary could rest and seek comfort in the beauty and abundance of nature.  A calm and tranquil space but busy too.  Where nature abounds, birds chirp and wind chimes sound in the distance.  Chickens too.  There have to be chickens – they’re so earthy and practical.

I’ve also known that although I’ve walked a business path and found career success as a health benefits consultant to the largest employers – my true calling is as the tea shop keeper who greets the guests, pulls tinctures from the apothecary jars behind her and trims herbs hanging on a drying line into a cup.  While she waits for the next visitor to arrive she might channel a thought into a message for her blog, jot down an idea for her podcast or doodle a sacred geometric form that holds meaning only for her and drinks from her own cup of brew as she whistfully daydreams about that one time she knew she was a mermaid.  The same shop keeper who can pull together an astrological chart and share wisdom from the stars with anyone who inquires.  In fact, I’ve long held that this dreamy place would include private rooms where healers and mystical teachers could convene with inquiring souls or host classes.

I am Jen (current life), I am Helen (past life aware), I am a Reiki Master (energy channeler) and Astrologer (star communicator).  I’ll talk with you about parenting, finances, real estate investment, wellness, health benefits, death, religion, astrology, current events and education – these conversations come from my well of experiences. 

Hale O Kauka Healing Garden is my magical space – it exists now on Maui (my happy place) as a micro farm, retreat space, guest accommodation and coming soon, a tea stand!  I hope you will visit in person or virtually.  And if you’d like a way-shower to draw up the astrological map of your life path and read it for you – I’d be honored.    

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