We are all children of the same universe

Since astrologically selecting her own wedding date and creating her own Celtic inspired handfasting ceremony from her deep connection to her ancestral indigenous people of Scotland – Jen has been in love with the ritual of marriage and the right of passage that births a long term relationship.

Maui is a magical place that shares many of the nature elements and spirits of her celtic roots. Now living on Maui and learning the indigenous traditions of the Hawaiian people, Jen offers herself as officiant for anyone who feels called to Maui for their own marriage ritual and for whom a handfasting ceremony resonates.

Reverend Jen of the Universal Life Church is licensed to officiate weddings in Hawaii. Jen incorporates her astrological wisdom into the ceremony and provides a detailed astrological marriage chart for the newlyweds.

Jen likes to work with the couple to customize their ceremony and incorporate personal vows if so desired. Call for consultation. 818.497.8600

Jen has been Reverend of the Universal Life Church since 2015 and became licensed to officiate weddings in Hawaii in 2021.