I Bought a Leasehold Property and I’ll do it Again!

On a limited budget we found the perfect solution. A leasehold condo. We love learning new real estate tricks to help us turn a profit and it turns out Hawaii’s niche leasehold properties are one of those opportunities.

Life Path Astrology

I first look at the semestry of the chart in picture form and get an idea of fullness or not. Of a lot of aspects or just a few. Of whether most activity is at the bottom of the chart (youth) or top (adult). I notice grand crosses and star formations through the chart - these can be indicative of great drama, grand life aspects and the fullness of experiences one desired for this lifetime.


It’s a force of nature. An undeniable and ever present law that cannot be manipulated. If you let go the Apple it falls to the ground. You can only choose not to let go. You cannot choose for it to float away. It’s a law of nature. Reliable. Consistent. Karma is like this. You can control...