Jen travels regularly to her retreat space on Maui and to meet with clients. She also meets with clients by phone.  To find upcoming retreats check our retreat page here.

Jen is a Reiki Master and meditation guide.  She specializes in helping lightworkers activate their earth star chakra.  She also shares her wisdom and intuitive knowing with anyone who inquires, to navigate the energetic streams that complicate life.  She provides new perspective on the patterns and beliefs that may be holding one back from achieving their greatest success.  She also encourages self work and is an advocate for awakening. 

For guidance on your spiritual journey, parenting, awakening support, manifesting money flow and wealth or finding your dharma/life’s purpose – schedule a consultation.

Jen’s consulting fee is $60 for the initial meeting with new clients, usually about 20 to 30 minutes.   Travel expenses may be additional for in person meetings outside of the Los Angeles area.  

Sunday School Curriculum development is a free service Jen offers, find more information here.

Free initial consultations for Spiritual journey guidance are available to anyone who has left or is considering leaving the Jehovah’s Witness organization.  Jen does not advocate for leaving the organization but is available as a support and guide to anyone who has made this decision.  Jen respects all religious and philosophical spiritual paths.

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