Like Dorothy gathering friends along the yellow brick road – Jen is a voice of reason and co-pilot for anyone on the seekers path who is trying to navigate the unseen energetic streams that can complicate life.  Using numerology, astrology and other indicators – she will calculate and interpret your birth chart, life path number and destiny card to peek behind the curtain of life patterns and beliefs that may be perpetuating the illusions and stories that keep us from achieving our greatest success.  

Jen travels regularly to her retreat space on Maui. She also meets with clients in Los Angeles and by phone or Skype.  

Let Jen be your Spiritual Tour Guide.  For guidance on your spiritual journey, parenting, awakening support, manifesting money flow and wealth or finding your dharma/life’s purpose: 

  1. Make an appointment below to schedule an Intuitive Interview. 
  2. Following the interview, Jen will put together a detailed Spiritual Road Map report including your birth chart, life path number, and destiny card reading.
  3. A follow up meeting may be scheduled to go through all the information gathered about ones purpose, path, past life indications and karmic influences, if so desired. 

This offer includes two meetings and a detailed personalized report including a custom astrological birth chart.  Total cost for the sessions and report is $222 although we can get started for a smaller deposit and there is no obligation to continue after the initial conversation. 

Free initial consultations for Spiritual journey guidance are available to anyone who has left or is considering leaving the Jehovah’s Witness organization.  Out of a deep appreciation and sense of inclusivity toward all belief systems, Jen does not advocate for leaving the organization but is available as a support and guide to anyone who has come to this decision out of their own knowing of what is best for them.  Jen respects all religious and philosophical spiritual paths.

Spiritual Road Map – includes two consultation sessions

Initial interview, detailed written report including astrological birth chart, life path number and destiny card interpretation and a follow up reading after the report is delivered.


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