Jen feels and senses the world through the energy behind life events, numbers, actions, deeds and words.  She can be a voice of reason and co-pilot for anyone who is trying to navigate the unseen energetic streams that can tangle and complicate life.  Using numerology, astrology and other indicators – she will calculate and interpret your birth chart, life path number and destiny card to peek behind the curtain of life patterns and beliefs that may be perpetuating the illusions and stories that keep us from achieving our greatest success.  

Jen meets with clients on Maui, either at her retreat space in Haiku or she will come to your location on Maui.  She is also available anywhere in the world by phone or Skype.  

Let Jen be your way-shower.  Whether you seek guidance on your spiritual journey, parenting, awakening support, manifesting money flow and wealth or finding your dharma/life’s purpose: 

Make an appointment below to schedule a meeting and click the link to pay for your service, call Jen directly if you have any questions 818.497.8600:

20 minute Astrology Birth Chart Calculation and Reading

Jen calculates and combines Life Path numberolgy, Astrology Natal Birth Chart and Cards of Destiny into a 20 minute reading of the life you planned before you were born. This is a good first service. You will receive a copy of your birth chart with general explanations of each aspect including sun, rising, moon signs and each planetary placement, house and aspect.


20 Minute Coaching Session

Help navigating the energetic streams of life, decisions and circumstances with your own personal way-shower. In person on the island of Maui or by phone. This is a good service to book to dive deeper into areas, to look at other family members, career and/or relationship complexities.


Written Spiritual Road Map Report – includes two consultation sessions

Initial interview, detailed written summary report including astrological birth chart, life path number and destiny card interpretation and a follow up reading after the report is delivered. A recording of the 2nd session is also possible. This is a good service for anyone who wants to have a detailed and documented record of all the information Jennifer provides in a reading for future reference.


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