Have you ever stood on a balance board? One like a crossroads. Where balance has to be achieved not just front to back but also right to left. I found myself there this past weekend. I was in a four day intense meditation retreat At a time when the world was experiencing an intense Mars square Pluto aspect.

I gained a perspective or experience of reality that helped me realize that I’m playing small in the world because I’ve surrounded myself with people who see me as extra. What I mean is – their perception of me affects my reality. This is the basis of the wisdom that says, who you surround yourself with is important. When my best friend calls me “extra” and my ex-husband sees me as “out there” The Law of Balance counters that energy by having me pull in. It keeps me from reaching my fullest potential. And so detaching from those who would not see us in our fullest expression as something good and expected – is the first step toward being authentic and in alignment with our own fullest expression.

Similarly we have mega billionaires in the world because we have lack mentality in the world. The energy in one direction is countered by the Law of Balance. In essence, the ones complaining about inequity are creating it with their complaints.

And those donating to charity are creating the situation that continuously requires the charity of others. I heard a story once that when the villagers would get into a place of lack and become joyless, the monks would come out of the mountains and dress as starving beggars to ask for donations on the side of the road. The act of giving would elevate the villagers to restore the energetic balance and return the village it a more joyful and prosperous state. The monks. Didn’t need hand outs but they knew how to correct the energy that had tipped. To restore the village to balance. The Villagers needed to feel better off than someone in order to regain their equilibrium and joy.

When we venerate celebrities -we in essence put them on a pedastal. That pedastal makes us lower in relation. And the imbalance makes their status unattainable for us. Because by putting them up we’ve put our selves down unwittingly.

But there’s more. We all have the ability to send out energy. We are energy generators. And we can send and receive it. frequently we send it in the form of prayer. Prayer is a method of sending out or directing energy. Spell casting is a form of sending out energy. Anything with an intention behind it, thoughts, fear, worry, concern, grief, guilt, shame, love – all of the emotions have the power to fuel an intention that we can send out in the form of wishes, spells, prayers. When I studied witchcraft in my 20s I learned that the most important aspect of spell casting is the part where your spell comes back to you threefold. Another words your energy and intentions come back to you expanded. In this way the law of karma or The Law of Balance is understood by witches. But sadly we’ve lost that wisdom in our common society. We go around contributing to charity without much thought or consciousness. Which could if our intention is to feel good about ourselves, perpetuate more charitable situations. More opportunities to feel good ourselves. Our uplift from donating and feeling above another’s plight is the thing that brings another down. Because energetically what goes up must come down. (It’s different when we contribute our energy in a way that is working shoulder to shoulder alongside someone who needs to rebuild- when we see ourself in the other. When we give from a place of balance. Giving in a way that creates balance) Everything we do has an equal and opposite reaction. The more we pray for peace the less attainable it becomes. The need for peace creates more un-peacefulness. And so we cannot seek peace by walking toward one or another side of a balance board, that creates imbalance – we must embody balance and harmony within ourselves to stand at the center of the board and embody the balance that is peace. Imbalance is chaos.

Do some know how to manipulate this reality by understanding the Law of Balance? Oh yes they do. And maybe not consciously but once they figure out the formula that works for them – they can create their own reality. All manipulation creates chaos somewhere. The goal should always be balance.

We are at a time on the planet when manifesting is the new prayer. It’s the energy we send out that is landing as excess energy in places on the planet. That energy could be experienced as a fire on Maui. I heard one lightworkers explain that the mass of people manifesting on Lionsgate unconsciously sent an excess of feminine fire energy into that portal like an arrow through the O of 808. We should instead be retaining our energy. Not sending it out. Manifesting isn’t really about sending energy. It’s about calling it in. This is where people get mixed up. We should be calling back our energy from all the places. And all the people who have taken it.

Teaching people to pray is teaching them to send out their energy but keeps them powerless in a way. Praying is a powerful mechanism for sending out energy. Praying without very specific intention and repeatedly will actually drain someone’s energy – sending it out in many directions. Praying to God or returning our energy to source feeds energy into the collective god within us all. It’s not necessarily bad but if we don’t understand the nature of energy we could find our selves depleted.

Money is not energy. It’s more like the leaves that flow in a stream. Wherever the stream is moving. The leaves move. And sometimes they all jam up or bump up and pile up in place where there isn’t continuous flow out equal to the flow in. Money shows us where the energy is flowing. The people with the money are the ones who are receiving the most energy. If we can call in energy, we can get money. And if we can be in the flow, we’ll always have plenty both coming and going. And so it’s also important to notice where we’re directing your energy and money because we can create imbalance for ourselves if we are giving too much away. Not that we shouldn’t spend money – we should. We have to. We cannot stop our flow anymore than we can dam a river. Our money is like that floating leaf helping us to see where our energy is flowing. And where we are off balance. Putting energy into places that have an intention lends our energy to that intention. And we participate in the equal and opposite balancing of the intention in some way as well.

Emotions, surrounding ourselves with people who pull on our energy or keep us small by seeing us as too much, spending, putting on pedastals, being put on a pedestal, worshipping, praying, manifesting incorrectly, sex and especially sex outside our partnership, desire – these are all the ways we tip the scales of our own lives. The ways we send out our energy or hold it back. The ways we affect the world. And our own lives.

This past weekend, Mars in the balanced sign of Libra was in conflict (square aspect) with transformational and retrograde Pluto in the masculine and very grounded traditional paradigm of Capricorn. Mars energy exerted in this way will almost certainly transform all things Capricorn. And by January we’ll find Pluto in Aquarius moving society into a new more innovative future. With some lessons for humanity to embrace the shift along the way. And learn to balance energy. This is the Renaissance of our time. This is big energy to balance. Paradigm shifting energy. Holding balance is how we allow it in without falling off the edge.

We’re experiencing chaos. It’s our teacher right now. So that we can find balance. To experience peace. We cannot keep sending out emotional energy. And prayers for one side or another in a conflict. We must embody the balance. The peace. We must hold the center of the balance board of reality if we are to co-create a new earth.

One last note, we must also balance our compassion and love for ourselves with the love and compassion we have for others. Self compassion is very important in this quest for harmony, flow, equanimity and peace.

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  1. Aloha Jen 🙂 so very well said! mahalo…you put into words how I feel, and my conversation has been revolving around being in balance, so being able to ‘read’ this and turn within with a very good perspective so that each one of us can be more precise in how we allow our energy to flow and in what directions. Thank you! I concur absolutely 😉

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